About our team.

Established in 2005 with humble beginnings in Male', Maldives, Brotherhood Group of companies has grown from a single outlet to become the premier wholesaler in cosmetics in the Maldives. As a 100% Maldivian-owned company, we take pride in our roots and our commitment to serving our community.

Driven by a passion for quality and innovation, we have expanded our offerings over the years to encompass a diverse range of products. From home appliances to baby products, kitchen essentials to Hardware items, and everything in between, Brotherhood Group of Companies strives to provide unparalleled access to quality goods for both wholesale and retail markets.

Today, with a network of 12 outlets in Male', Maldives, we continue to expand our reach and serve our customers with convenience and accessibility. Brotherhood Group of companies is comprised of four sub-companies:

  1. Brotherhood Investment Pvt Ltd: A wholesale distributor specializing in cosmetics, catering to the needs of both retail and wholesale customers.
  2. Successful Brothers Pvt Ltd: This company manages and operates our ecommerce platforms, offering a seamless online shopping experience for our customers.
  3. Efficient Biz International Pvt Ltd: Dedicated to offering a wide range of home and kitchen essentials, ensuring convenience and quality for households across the Maldives.
  4. Brotherhood Engineering Pvt Ltd: Specializing in hardware products, this company also offers comprehensive carpentry services, including design and build solutions, contributing to infrastructure development and customer satisfaction.

In 2019, we ventured into digital realm with the launch of two ecommerce platforms, further enhancing accessibility and convenience for our customers.


At Brotherhood Group of Companies, our mission is to provide unparalleled access to quality products, serving both wholesale and retail markets with integrity, innovation, and reliability. Through our diverse range of offerings, we aim to empower business and individuals alike, fostering growth and prosperity within our communities.

Driven by customer satisfaction and sustainability, we strive to be a trusted partner, delivering exceptional value and service at every touchpoint. Together, we aspire to enrich lives, inspire creativity, and build lasting relationships, shaping a brighter future for all.

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